Topical Resources and Medium Term Plans

Topical Resources

Topical Resources are free classroom resources, which EducationCity develop to help schools celebrate special days, events and topics throughout the year. They are cross-curricular and can include content ranging from Fact Sheets to Lesson Plans, from themed ThinkIts to Activities.

They are great for helping your school get the most out of its subscription.

Check out this academic year’s schedule for new Topical Resources below, then take a look at previous Topical Resources we have created here.

Theme of Topical Resources

Date of Event

Proposed Release Date

Roald Dahl Day

13th September


Black History Month


Early September

World Space Week

4th - 10th October

Early September


30th October - 3rd November 

End September

Remembrance Day

11th November

Early November

Children in Need

13th November

Early October

Anti-Bullying Week

16th- 20th November

Late October


25th December

Late November

EducationCity English Challenge Week

24th-30th JanuaryLate December

Chinese New Year

8th February

Early January

Safer Internet Day9th FebruaryEarly January
World Book Day3rd MarchEarly February
Sport ReliefTBC (March)Early February
British Science Week11th - 20th MarchEarly February

EducationCity Maths Challenge Week

20th-26th April


Walk to School WeekTBC (May)End April


27th June - 10th July


Being Safe Before the Holidays

Mid/Late July

Late June


Medium Term Plans

As of September, we will be taking this a step further, and will also include medium term plans within our Topical Resources area too!

Topics to be covered are outlined below:





All About Me, Parties

Weather, Farms, 

New Beginnings, Easter

Machines, Vehicles, Seaside

KS1 and KS2KS1 and KS2KS1 and KS2

Traditional Tales / Myths

and Legends (KS1, KS2)

Natural Disasters (Changing 

States, Life on Earth)

Our Planet (Life in Space)


Growing, Living Things - 

Habitats, Evolution (KS1)

Inventions (Forces)


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